About Us

The Puget Sound Food Hub was first initiated as a weekly wholesale market in a parking lot underpass of the Skagit Valley Food Co-op in late 2010. There was no online ordering or streamlined payment system, no cold storage, no aggregated delivery and no easy way to measure success.

We started small, like a seed;

Today the Puget Sound Food Hub is a robust farmer-owned cooperative operating in the Puget Sound region to market, aggregate and distribute locally produced food from farms to restaurants, hospitals, preschools, grocery stores, universities and more.

We share a vision of providing our region with direct access to locally produced foods while supporting the sustainability of our local farms.

But we started something that will grow.

The Puget Sound Food Hub Cooperative and our network of aggregation sites supports the relationship between regional farmers and their customers, enabling a values-based supply chain for food safety and transparency.  We maintain seller eligibility requirements and quality standards while preserving the producer’s identity from “purchase to delivery” so that the producers’ customers know the story of who, how and where their food was grown.