signup-buttonThe Puget Sound Food Hub Cooperative’s purpose is to grow market access and build economic sustainability for northwest Washington farms while increasing access to locally grown food for all. In an effort to ensure transparency and compatibility, all suppliers must meet the following eligibility requirements.

Download and print out the Guide for Farmers and Ranchers. This document will answer many questions and clearly state what is required of participating sellers.

Seller Eligibility Checklist

Before selling products through Puget Sound Food Hub, farmers and ranchers must meet all of the seller eligibility requirements in the list below. For complete information and printable checklist download the Guide for Farmers and Ranchers.

  • Complete the Membership Subscription Agreement and pay $250 for one share of common stock. Only current, paying northwest Washington farms and ranchers are eligible to participate.
  • Print, sign and return a W-9 Form (this is how farmers will be paid).
  • Obtain a Master Business License and any required Specialty Licenses. Farmers must be legally permitted to sell raw and value added agricultural products commercially. Apply for a Master Business License (WA UBI) through the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL). Specialty Licenses may be required in addition to a Master Business License for products such as eggs, cut flowers, and products sold by weight.  Please provide the Manager a copy of your Washington state business license and specialty licenses.
  • Follow WSDA marketing guidelines and have implemented quality production standards according to the size and scale. Reference the WSDA Small Farm and Direct Marketing Handbook.
  • Have at least one year of direct marketing experience prior to participating in the Puget Sound Food Hub Cooperative (i.e. direct to restaurants, grocers or institutions).
  • Comply with current county, state and federal food safety requirements for product categories. As the Puget Sound Food Hub Cooperative matures, we anticipate being able to provide education and resources for all suppliers to become GAP certified. Reference the WSDA Small Farm and Direct Marketing Handbook.
  • Each farm shall provide copy of the certificate of coverage for $1M/$2M product liability insurance. Please add the following organizations as additional insured (exclude CMFC if farm will not be aggregating product in Whatcom County):
    • Puget Sound Food Hub Cooperative, 419 South 1st Street, Suite 200 Mount Vernon, WA 98273-2924. Tel: (360) 428-7106
    • Cloud Mountain Farm Center 6906 Goodwin Road, Everson, WA 98247. Tel: (360) 966-5859
  • Read, sign and return the Farmer and Rancher Commitment and the Puget Sound Food Hub “Rules of Collaboration and Participation” (found on page 17 of the Guide for Farmers and Ranchers).
  • If applicable, provide copies of any certifications such as Certified Organic, GAP, etc.

Mail, fax or email the above information to:

Puget Sound Food Hub Cooperative
419 S. 1st Ave. Ste 200
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Fax: 360-336-3751

After you complete these steps login to the Puget Sound Food Hub, create your account and a representative will provide training about how to revise/upload your product information into the market website.

We look forward to working with you.